Active Requests
  • Feb. 28: Michelle Chism and Chrystal Moser’s sister, Roxy, is deeply hurting, lost, and feeling hopeless and purposeless. She is in the hospital and her family is very scared. Please pray Roxy would be receptive to the Lord reaching out to touch her heart and bring her peace and purpose. Please also pray for the family to find peace and comfort in the Lord and discernment on how to best care for and encourage Roxy.
  • Updated Feb. 25: Jay Holden’s family friend, Heather, passed away after battling PRES Syndrome. Please keep her family and friends in prayer as they walk through the grieving process.
  • Jan. 28: Colin, Jerry & Diane Franzen’s son, has cancer & is undergoing chemo for the next 9 weeks.¬†They are asking for prayer for healing and for drawing closer to God during this time of healing. He lives in Shanghai, China with his wife and two sons (10 & 2).
Praises/Answered Prayers
  • April 17: The Lord has answered many of the Ponticelli’s prayers! He has provided a new vehicle for them and pointed them in a new direction with a new living situation. Dave was also able to see the ENT doctor and is experiencing much higher quality sleep! Praise the Lord!
  • Stayed tuned for updates on our active requests!