Group Name: The McConnell’s Home Group
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Shaun & Patty McConnell
Leader contact:
Shaun – (775) 544-5539;
Patty – (775) 544-5574;
Demographic: Adults
Day/Time: Wednesdays @ 7pm
Location: The McConnell’s home (Southwest Reno)/Zoom
Description: This group has done various studies such as video studies, New Testament studies, or a study on the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Prayer is also an integral part of this group.
Group Name: Tribe
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Willie Williams
Leader contact: (559) 786-3756;
Demographic: Adults
Day/Time: Sundays @ 4:30pm
Location: Willie and Diane’s house (Northwest Reno)
Description: Teaching (Bible or video), discussion & dinner, prayer & sharing.
Group Name: Iron Men
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Matt Emmons
Leader contact: (775) 220-8695;
Demographic: Men
Day/Time: Thursdays @ 6am
Location: Hillside – the Loft (upstairs)
Description: Prayer, coffee, and maybe even donuts!
Group Name: Young Adults’ Bible Study
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Cassidy Pocock
Leader contact: (419) 771-3874;
Demographic: Young Adults (18-30ish)
Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
Location: Pocock Home (near Hillside) or local coffee shops
Description: Hangout, study the Word, and share life with some pals 😀
Group Name: Family Group
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Nick & Kirstin Jeske
Leader contact: 
  Kirstin – (775) 250-9259;
  Nick –
Demographic: Family
Day/Time: Fridays @ 6pm
Location: Jeske home in the Wingfield Area
Description: Review Sunday’s message and how it resonated with you during the week as you enjoy a meal with other families. Play area for kids upstairs.
Group Name: The Emmons’ Bible Study
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Matt & Geneva Emmons
Leader contact:
Matt – (775) 220-8695;
Geneva – (702) 332-7675;
Demographic: Everyone
Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
Location: The Emmons’ home (Southeast Reno, near Huffaker Park)
Description: Inductive Bible Study

Group Name: Marriage Mentorship Group
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Walt & Charley Voigt
Leader contact:
    Walt: (775) 225-5938;
Charley: (775) 225-5626;
Demographic: Young Married Couples
Day/Time: Every other Tuesday from 7-9pm
Location: Voigt Home (Somersett Area)
Description: Get to know other couples over dinner and learn from established married couples who’s goal is to support healthy long term marriages.The group will be limited to 2 mentor couples and 2 mentee couples.

Group Name: Coffee, Prayer, & Devotionals
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Stephanie Ridge
Leader contact: (775) 842-0316;
Demographic: Women
Day/Time: 1st Saturday of the month @ 8:30am
Location: Lighthouse Coffee (325 Harbour Cove Dr. #121, Sparks, NV 89434)
Description: Meet up, enjoy a cup of coffee, devotional, and prayer time.

Group Name: Thrusday Lunch Special
Group Category: Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Louie Locke
Leader contact: (775) 322-3004;
Demographic: Everyone
Day/Time: Thrusdays @ Noon
Location: Join in on Zoom
Description: Inductive Bible Study

Group Name: Restoration
Group Category: Activity/Interest; Study/Discussion
Leader(s): Jon Damec
Leader contact: (520) 990-0183;
Demographic: Anyone
Day/Time: Saturdays @ 10am
Location: Damec home (Northwest Reno)
Description: Restore a classic car as you discuss how Jesus restores us. No skills or prior experience necessary, just a desire to learn and engage in community.